What To Expect

"Preparation is the key to success of any project. We take it very seriously." -Ryan


  • It will start with YOU. Whether you email us or call our office, you will reach Christy Vatter. She will ask you a few questions about your project and better get acquainted with your specific wants and needs.   Have in mind the type of project, your goals, time line and ball park budget. Should you want to move forward,  we will arrange a preliminary meeting at your home.


  • The preliminary meeting will last anywhere from 1-2 hours and consists of Christy getting to know you, seeing your home, vision, style and overall functionality of the space. Along with taking measurements for your new drawings, she will be able to brief you on your concerns as well as see if your vision is within your desired expenses.  All of this will be turned into an accurate proposal with detailed specifications and a 3D rendering of your project in about 1-2 weeks.   


  • You love your design and can't wait to get started!  Ryan and Christy will arrange a time to meet you in their office and discuss the finer details of your project further. Here you will get Ryan's advice and design suggestions as well as get a realistic idea of timeline and budget. We will also discuss your plans and questions as well. After this, we sign the contract and the fun begins!


You've signed the contract and we're ready to begin the selection process and make adjustments. to the design. Ryan will spend time finalizing your changes and schedule for the scope of work, while Christy will work diligently alongside you to shop around for the best quality materials, i.e. cabinets, counters, lighting, that match your vision you've already created together. No selection is ever made without you, as Christy holds your hand to make the confident, not rushed, investment. 


Before we break ground, Christy, Ryan and the project foreman will sit down with you to review the project in its entirety at your home. We call this our Preliminary walkthrough Meeting. All of our day to day operating details are discussed along with emergency contacts, and have the opportunity to shake hands with our carpenters who will be in your home. 



Meet Christy!


Hi! I'm Christy!

When you first call or email, I'll be the first to respond. We'll chat about your home's needs and your vision for your remodel. Once we have established your needs, I would set up an initial consultation to see your project and take measurements, as well as explain in greater detail weather your vision or budget is a realistic fit for your personal needs. 

Contact Christy!

80 Abbeyville Rd. Lanc. Pa, 17603


717-875-7365 Office