Meet Ryan

CEO and Owner of Vatter Construction since 2010.

Ryan is an active volunteer at his church in Millersville, always willing to help the building team on renovations.  

A few of his hobbies include whistling super early in the morning, archery hunting season and reading books written by John Maxwell or Tony Robbins.

When he's a home, you'll find him playing with his adorable 2 year son, Caleb, wrestling and making him giggle.

Traveling is always a priority for himself and Christy. Israel and Alaska are first on the list. 

His biggest pet peeves are people that chew their food loudly next to him or people who don't live up to their fullest potential. 




Meet Christy

 Owner & Designer for Vatter Construction

Grew up abroad in several countries, Israel & Venezuela to name a few. 

Passionately learning her hand in digital photography and pursuing her side business, "Christy Renee Photography". 

If she's not at work, or doing photography you'll find her scavenging thrift stores and Yard Sales for treasures. 

Avid follower of the Joanna Gaines tribe and guilty of spending too much time in Target.  


Meet James







Crew Foreman & Team Member for Vatter Construction.





Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, James is well traveled and will always have a huge passion for the bitter cold. 

He comes most alive when he's outdoors, swimming, biking, running, & fishing. 



He tends to buy clothing apparel always in the same vibrant shade of teal.

Most importantly, he loves spending quality time at home with his Son and his Girlfriend, Mary Jane. 



Meet Elizabeth

Office Administrator & Chief Business Organizer

Really Loves working on construction projects from beginning through the end. 


Started a career in accounting early, but found a passion for the construction industry since 2006. 



Often found laughing in the kitchen with her two beautiful teenage girls, baking. 

As a Girl Scout leader, she is constantly learning new skills in order to teach the girls and always challenged to think outside the box. 



Pampered Chef consultant who loves partying with those who love to cook and share recipes, tips and tricks and a bottle of wine. 


She is a proud dog owner of the best dog ever, a maltipom named "Lady"!